Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Want YOU!!

Happy new year everyone!!

- and with a new year comes new and exciting challenges. This is not the time for you to be whishy-washy with your plans. Now is the time to commit - to make resolutions and achieve some goals in 2012.

At ArtsCape we want you to include us in your artistic plans. We have so many oppourtunities to offer EVERYONE. Regardless of your craft/medium, experience or skills we welcome EVERYONE with open arms!!

Here are some ideas for you to consider:
  1. Become a Member - Open to absolutly EVERYONE. You do not need to be an "artist", you just need to be interested in the arts. Click on the page on the side bar to get more information on joining us - the Home of the Arts in Wynyard.
  2. Showcase your Talents - Have your own exhibition at Artscape. Currently we are setting out our exhibition calender for 2012. Now is the time to commit to showcasing your art and start your arts career in the right direction. Click on the page in the side bar for more information.
  3. Get involved on a personal level - Do you think you have something to offer your community? Well why not get involved in our meetings and even become a committee member. The only way to change your arts community is by actions. We need you and so does your community.  Attend our AGM or nominate yourself for a position on the board this year.
  4.  Attend a group or class - In 2012 we will be seeking more classes to offer our members (we are also seeking teachers). Class options will be made public as we accept them into our programs. There are also many groups you can join if you would like to connect to your interests on a more personal level. Many are represented on the side tab so clicky-click on those for more information. If you cant find a group you are looking for why not start your own?? We can help you!
For further information on any of the above please contact Janet ( ).

At ArtsCape we like to be open and honest. To further prove this we have added some very important documents to the pages on the sidebar. Please feel free to have a browse through these - they are there to fulfill any questions you may have about our behind the scene running's. We love opening our doors to the community and by running an open organisation we feel that we can be most successful and be widely accepted as a the peak institution for arts in the municipality

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