Application for Exhibitions

ArtsCape Exhibition Guidelines

General description:
ArtsCape is Wynyard’s Community Art Centre and seeks to promote interest in all forms of art and
encourages the display of work by its members.  Members of the local community and other
organisations may request exhibition space subject to availability and the Committee’s agreement.   
ArtsCape is a member of Tasmanian Regional Arts and hosts a number of the travelling exhibitions
during the year to showcase work by Tasmanian artists.  

To create a consistent quality exhibition program the following guidelines apply:
  • Application must be made in writing to the Secretary, ArtsCape using the ArtsCape
  • Exhibition Application Form providing details of type of exhibition, timescales and any
  • special equipment required.  
  • ArtsCape reserves the right to accept or decline an application.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for any costs involved in hanging/displaying work but may seek help in arranging the exhibition from ArtsCape’s Exhibition Managers.
  • Exhibitors may arrange a special opening event with their choice of speaker, their own
  • catering, publicity and invitations. The date and details to be agreed with the Committee.
  • Opening hours to be agreed with the Committee.
  • Sale of items on display is the responsibility of the exhibitor, prices may be indicated and the relevant contact number displayed.
  • A commission of 15% will be charged on sale items 
  • All due care will be taken of exhibits but ArtsCape is not responsible for any damage or loss of items in an exhibition. 
  • Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning ArtsCape to Exhibition ready standard following the Opening Event and at the conclusion of the exhibition period.  
 Exhibition Responsibilities 
ArtsCape will:
  • Assist with the installation of an Exhibition. 
  • Assist with publicity of an Exhibition through use of its membership list and other contacts.
  • Support an Opening Reception for an Exhibition if required, and as agreed by the
  • Provide volunteers to open ArtsCape for viewing of the exhibition, times to be agreed with
    the Committee. 
  • ArtsCape will not accept liability for loss or damage which occurs to any item/s whilst
    displayed on its premises.  All reasonable care will be taken of Exhibition items. 
 The Exhibitor will:
  • Submit a completed Exhibition Application Form at least one month before the intended. Exhibition, with a title for the exhibition and 3 images as a sample of the work to be
  • Assist with the installation of an Exhibition. 
  • Provide information and an image that can be developed for publicity purposes. 
  • Provide appropriate labelling for the exhibition. 
  • Provide catering if there is to be an official Opening event, details to be agreed with the
  • If items are for sale, the exhibitor is responsible for collection of money and payment of  
    ArtsCape’s 15% commission on all items. 
  • ArtsCape recommends that the owners continue to have their own item/s insured for fire,
    theft and damage and that their insurance agent is notified in writing that the particular
    item/s is on exhibit within the centre. 

To apply for your own exhibition please email Janet ( and we will send out an application, alternatively if your computer savvy you may fill in the above forms and email us directly.