Monday, April 22, 2013

Lullaby Blankets

This exhibition is opening tomorrow. We are not hosting an official opening night so be sure to pop into ArtsCape in the next two weeks to view this amazing exhibition and its stories.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Social Media and You

This blogging for beginners workshop where the focus will on branding and marketing (arts branding and marketing in particular), developing a first blog and basic instruction for tackling social media.  Living as an artist in our regional location makes it very important to get yourself out there as much as possible. Take the fear away from people and empower themselves to really make a go out of their craft.
Especially when events like this happen to the makers of our region. This happened without any public consultation and will devastating for our arts community. It is not simply good enough to sit there and take it - to mope around waiting to be discovered. People must be pro-active in their marketing. It is not selling out. To continually work for free as an artist and not be active in your personal development is a down right idiotic approach - revolution of your personal image, time and space is a must.
This workshop is focussed on those at the beginning of their marketing and branding. Those more advanced in blogging would not get as much out of it.  This workshop will take the fear out of peoples first attempts into social media and hopefully they can continue to advance from there. It will be a solid foundation to grow from.
So till next time - what challenges do you face in your location that can be overcome through blogging? I'd be interested to know.

Vocal Nosh

We’ve been very fortunate in attracting Lyn Smith to lead our singing group at ArtsCape.  Lyn was on the production team of the recent highly acclaimed and wonderful production of Les Mis by Burnie Musical Society.   Lyn is open to suggestions on the type of music we want to try and with her wide experience of all types of singing is bound to find something that will bring out the best in us! 
No auditions – no experience required – just come and have fun!  Here are the details and please spread the word
Saturday 20th April
2.00 - 3‘ish pm
A fun way to start singing or gain confidence to sing somewhere other than in the shower! 
The workshop will be run by Lyn Smith, well known in NW for her many musical talents.  
She will introduce us to a diverse mix of simple songs, rhythms, improvisations and a little gospel singing!  
Only $5. for this introductory session.
Contact Janet on    or 0408 590421