Sunday, March 24, 2013

ArtsCape Talks and April Exhibition

On Saturday we are hosting another "ArtsCape Talk". Come and listen to Evelyn Antonysen and get your Easter arty fix.

In April we are hosting another exhibition from Tasmanian Regional Arts entitled "Lullaby Blankets" More destails to come shortly.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Events

We have a wonderful double exhibition starting on Friday 16th March รข€“ Jo Lawrence's "Little Views" very vibrant paintings which compliment Mervyn Mitchell's "Small  Spaces" ceramic pots in all sorts of lovely designs.  The exhibition will be open from 10 - 2 pm on Friday and Saturday, and then Tuesday to Saturday the following 2 weeks. The Opening Reception was held a at 6 pm on 20th March - we had a fantastic crowd and would love to thank everyone that came and supported our lovely local artists.  

On Saturday 30th March at 2 pm we have another of our ArtsCape Talks, this time with Evelyn Antonysen who many of you will know from her exhibitions, workshops and lively blog!   Evelyn works in many mediums and has called her talk "diversity" and the afternoon promises to be very lively, informative and inspirational!    So if you're having Easter at home this year, or have visitors, bring them along and enjoy afternoon tea and some interesting conversations.  Enquiries or RSVP to 0408 421 166  

Many of you will remember Sarge's very successful first exhibition at ArtsCape over a year ago and have seen his paintings in various venue's since then.  He is now preparing some more work and requires space so will be using the backroom at ArtsCape during the week following Easter.  This should not cause any problems for other users but please respect any material he leaves out during this period.  

Finally, just another gentle reminder to those who haven't yet renewed their membership, or to anyone wishing to join just let me know and I'll be delighted to send you the details!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Contact Information

Well looky here!!! 

We have some new things for you to enjoy...firstly we have a new facebook page. Here will have links back to this website but also quick updates on coming activities. Click HERE to be taken over for a look.

We also have two new contact points. Our official artscape email is now artscapewynyard (at) gmail (dot) com. This will take the email away from any of our personal accounts and be the one "go to" address for our written communication.

We are also back on a phone line - one of our friendly committee memebrs can now take your enquiries on 0457679504.

Oh it's all so exciting!!!