Friday, January 13, 2012

Michelle has entered and got down to the top 20 in the  Garnier Ambassador competition. It is aimed at suppoting grass roots projects. The project we want to support is (of course)  Wynyards Artscape, our local community arts centre. Now we must get to the final 10 to win. Good odds!

More than ever we are in need to prove ourselfs to the community and local council. We need to gain support to ensure the projects becomes sustaining and long term. We currently have been running for 7 plus years and we are growing and getting better at our arts practices every year. This is a grass roots project, it runs on community power alone with no funding. This is why support from a company such as this will be vital for our future sustainment.

Please click on this link to vote for us and then please share, share, share(!!!) with everybody you know and even those you don't.

We would be forever grateful. This art center is also the home to our Made with Love Market Bazaar (on tomorrow by the way) and has be come a very important home to the arts in our regional community. We would love to for everyone to get on board and throw their weight behind this project...even if its is just by clicking and linking. I feel all our hard work will be worth it then.

Voting is only open for a month guys , so please do not hesitate.

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